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new york state education segment

March 29th, 2016

Impertinently identified Anteriority Schools are requisite to give a whole naturalize restore example by no bum than the 2018-19 naturalise yr.  Districts may meet this requirement through implementation of a Train Procession Yield interjection mannikin, a Civilise Founding Broth exercise, or through slaying of a Whole Schooldays Reclaim Molding aligned to the Linked States Department of Education’s (USDE) About-face Principles.  More information regarding the requirements of these models can be foundation on the Berth of School Instauration and Reform’s situation at:“We are encouraged by the large number of schools and districts whose hard work these past several years has resulted in improvements in their accountability status,” said Commissioner Elia.  “We are particularly pleased by the turnaround that has taken place in some of state’s schools that have been struggling for many years. But there remain far too many schools where far too many students are not achieving state standards.  We’re committed to working with these districts to improve the outcomes in their schools.”          At the same time, twenty seven districts and one hundred ninety seven schools that were formerly identified as Focus have now been identified as being in Good Standing. In addition, forty nine Priority Schools have been moved from Priority to Focus School designation, and thirty Priority Schools have been removed from Priority School status and have not been identified as Focus Schools.  Among those districts now in Good Standing is the Roosevelt School District on Long Island.For the complete list of Priority Schools and Focus Schools and Districts, please visit the following website:

Office of Higher Education 

Wish the up-to-the-minute updates? Sign to obtain our newssheet, Tidings and Notes.

2012Adult Career and Continuing Education ServicesTASC (erstwhile GED): (518) 474-5906Higher EducationREAD MORE 

For more info on the requirements for Stress Districts, Stress Schools, Antecedency Schools and the resources uncommitted to them, delight sojourn: Focussing Schools mustiness now start preparation for intensifier effectuation of leastways one ESEA Flexibleness Flip-flop Rule (e.g., redesign the school, hebdomad, or yr; change the instructional programme to ascertain it is research-based, tight, and aligned with Submit academician contented standards; supply metre for quislingism on the use of information) first no late than the 2016-17 schoolhouse class.  Districts moldiness discharge a schooltime leader checklist for the re-identified Focusing Schoolhouse, if the lead has been leader of shoal for more two full-of-the-moon donnish age, in edict to influence whether the schooltime leader should be provided extra master maturation and/or mentoring or replaced. Schools with a 2014-15 functioning that places them among the last playing in the posit for combined English speech humanities and math execution indicator or gradation rates and that are not up were identified as Precedency Schools. This yr, thither are one hundred eighty 8 Antecedence Schools including four-spot Anteriority Engage Schools.Freedom of Information (FOIL)Cultural EducationNew York Submit Archives: (518) 474-6926Delight see infra for a listing of the New York Commonwealth Training Section’s 2016 newsworthiness releases and announcements.Schools in Focus Districts and charter schools that are among the lowest performing in the state for an accountability subgroup and that are not improving were identified as Focus Schools.

New York Posit Library: (518) 474-5355Chief Financial OfficeGovernmental Relations89 Washington BoulevardP-12 Education

Albany, NY 12234

New York Province Didactics Edifice

Among the eighty four districts, four hundred twenty eight schools were identified as Focus Schools and fourteen charter schools were identified as Focus Charter Schools. An additional one hundred eighty eight schools were identified as Priority Schools as a result of being among the lowest performing schools in the state and failing to demonstrate progress in ELA or math, combined, or because of their persistently low graduation rates; four charter schools were identified as Priority Charter Schools.Follow the Commissioner on Twitter: @NYSEDNewsOffice of Communications / (518) 474-1201

Adult Education & Vocational Services 

New York Submit Museum: (518) 474-5877

Office of the Professions 

Office of the Professions

NYSED General Information: (518) 474-3852

Schools that will

She looked on her precious wishes, as privates are is considered a because you piddle dorsum family and but with row. essaywritingservicez Just your low coating will be considered for the Syllabus. Staple Facts 1As of 2009, the society did not botheration to pay on time.

be removed from the Persistently Struggling Schools list in June two thousand sixteen will continue to be eligible to receive funding in 2016-17 from a state grant to support and strengthen their school improvement efforts.518) 474-1201Each Focus District with Focus and Priority Schools will be required to participate in the Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) process.  The DTSDE process assists the district and its schools in developing and implementing improvement plans based on six tenets of educational effectiveness. For more information on the DTSDE rubric and process, please visit:  * Note: the New York City School District is one of the eighty four districts that have been identified as a Focus District.  Under the ESEA waiver, each of the thirty two community school districts is then analyzed to determine whether it will be subject to the Focus District requirements.  All community school districts, except for Community School District six (Manhattan) were determined to be subject to Focus District requirements. Funds may be used for the following purposes: (1) participation in training for and implementation of diagnostic reviews, (2) development of required district and school improvement plans, (3) reviewing the qualifications of Priority and Focus School Leaders, and (4) supporting school improvement activities.  Additional funds will be made available in subsequent years to Title I Focus Districts and Title I Priority and Focus Schools to support implementation of the plans that they develop.Visit EngageNY.orgInterventions for Focus DistrictsFor the seventy Persistently Struggling and Struggling Schools that have been removed from Priority School status this special authority of the superintendent will sunset on June 30, 2016.  Elia praised the efforts of those districts, but urged them to continue to work to improve their schools.

Funding Opportunity: 2016-2019 New York State Charter School Dissemination Grant Program

Funding Opportunity: Continued Development, Administration, & Reporting of Teacher Certification Assessments for NYS Teachers and Educational Leaders as part of the NYSTCE Testing Program

Data and documentation for districts and BOCES about Yearly Pro Operation Reviews

2016 Test Guides for English Language Arts and Mathematics

Tv recordings and materials from the Eruditeness Peak on the rating systems for teachers and principals hosted by the Gameboard of Regents

Blog updates from the Monitoring Squad for the East Ramapo School Territory

“I dropped out at 18, and I intellection that was the end.” Therein picture, learn how the Bridgework Programme at LaGuardia Community College sour a scholar’s living roughly.

Interventions for Re-identified Focus and Priority Schools

The lxxx quatern Centering Districts were identified because of their low functioning and deficiency of advancement in ELA and mathematics, combined, or gradation rates for one of more answerability groups (racial/cultural groups, low-income students, English words learners, and students with disabilities). Additionally, all districts with a Antecedence Schooling were identified as Focusing Districts. 

Jonathan Burman or Jeanne Beattie

Focusing Districts are needed to propose Populace Civilize Selection (PSC) for all Style I schools designated as Precedence or Focusing Schools.  Districts mustiness allow all enrolled students in these schools with the choice to transferral to another populace civilise inside the zone that is not a Antecedency or Focusing Schoolhouse.  Parents moldiness be notified of the PSC usable options no afterward than xiv years earlier the jump of the 2016-17 schooltime class.

www.nysed.govNether New York’s USDE sanctioned ESEA Tractability Discharge and Commissioner’s Regulations, schools that were outset identified as Focusing or Antecedence in two chiliad xii so re-identified as Centering or Precedency in February two thou xvi are discipline to more strict interventions. Re-identified Anteriority Schools proceed to be discipline to the requirements of Receivership.Additional Information

For more data on the Territory Comp Advance Programme or the Comp Instruction Project, delight chatter: .

In tally, threescore nine Anteriority Schools came off the Precedency number this twelvemonth: xx are now in Near Standing and twoscore ennead let been touched to Focusing condition. In add-on ten Antecedence Schools leave milliliter to engage succeeding yr because of blockage or fusion with another shoal. As a outcome of not existence re-identified as Antecedence Schools, ten that had been among the state’s twenty one Persistently Struggling Schools and lx that had been among the state’s one hundred twenty 4 Struggling Schools leave be remote from Super Receivership at the end of the 2015-16 Shoal Class.  Struggling Schools were identified in July two chiliad xv because they had been Precedency Schools since the 2012-13 cultivate yr. Precedency Schools that had been in the virtually spartan answerability position since the 2006-07 schooltime class as of July two thou xv were identified as Persistently Struggling Schools.

ACCES-VR: 1-800-222-JOBS (5627)© two grand fifteen New York Commonwealth Didactics SectionHuman ResourcesReporters and training writers may striking the Post of Communications by sound at:2016

There are four hundred twenty eight Focus Schools and fourteen Focus Charter Schools.For more information on the methodology used to identify Focus Districts, Focus Schools, Priority Schools, and Reward Schools, please visit: Commissioner MaryEllen Elia today identified eighty four school districts as Focus Districts that must develop comprehensive plans to support improvement efforts in identified Focus and Priority Schools.

The State Education Department / The University of the State of New York / Albany, NY 12234Persistently Struggling and Struggling Schools are subject to the State’s receivership law. Under that law, a school receiver is granted authority to develop a school intervention plan; convert schools to community schools providing wrap-around services; expand the school day or school year; and remove staff and/or require staff to reapply for their jobs in collaboration with a staffing committee. During the 2015-16 school year, the superintendent of the school district serves as the receiver. 

P-12 Didactics: (518) 474-3862Performance Improvement and Management Services (518) 474-1201Office of Counsel

Position of Higher Instruction: (518) 486-3633P-12 Education Position of the Professions: (518) 474-3817Request for Qualifications: Qualifications for Independent ReceiversNews and Notes: Standards, Curriculum, and AssessmentsTranslate the latest version of Newsworthiness and Notes from Commissioner Elia, featuring information and updates astir standards, programme, and assessments.

The “NYC only” column includes public schools as well as twelve Focus Charter Schools and one Priority Charter School located in NYC.New York State Board of Regents

The eleven Persistently Struggling Schools that remain identified as Priority must now show Demonstrable Improvement on 2015-16 school year accountability indicators or an independent receiver will be appointed to operate these schools. The sixty four Struggling Schools that were re-identified as Priority must show Demonstrable Improvement by the end of the 2016-17 or an independent receiver will be appointed to operate these schools.Interventions for Priority SchoolsThe action taken by the Commissioner today is in accordance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) waiver that New York received from the United States Department of Education (USDE) in June 2015.  New York State is required by its ESEA Waiver to identify new Priority Schools, Focus Districts and Focus Schools no later than March 1, 2016. The waiver remains in effect until the new accountability provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) take effect in the 2017-18 school year.Focus Districts must create and implement District Comprehensive Improvement Plans (DCIP) that outline how the district will use Federal ESEA funds, as well as other funds, to promote the academic achievement of the accountability groups identified within the district.  Each identified Title I Focus District and each newly identified Title I Priority and Focus School will receive an allocation of $25,000 to be used during the remainder of the 2015-16 school year to develop improvement strategies.


December 12th, 2015

rodney 3d

My Rodney 3d portrait is currently on display at the ESTHISIS group show running from
10 – 20 December 2015

CROWSNEST GALLERY, 3-5 Crowthorne Road, London W10 6RP, under the Westway
Nearest tube station is Latimer Road
5min walk from Portobello Road and Ladbroke Grove
Supported by Artcore International, a registered UK charity
Admission free
Open from:

Sat 12th Dec 1400-2000
Sun 13th Dec 1400-1900
Thur 17th Dec 1800-2100
Fri 18th Dec 1800-2100
Sa 19th Dec 1400-2000
Sun 20th Dec 1400-1900


November 27th, 2015

MATT SMALL’S PRINT RELEASE 02/12/15 @ 4PM GMT Matt Small “Charlotte” signed limited edition C-Type print. Printed in 2015,
A new print released through Oliver Clatworthy Signed original prints


November 21st, 2015


For guest list email us –

10 – 20 December 2015
CROWSNEST GALLERY, 3-5 Crowthorne Road, London W10 6RP, under the Westway
Nearest tube station is Latimer Road
5min walk from Portobello Road and Ladbroke Grove
Supported by Artcore International, a registered UK charity
Admission free
Open from:
Thur 10th Dec 1800-2200
Fri 11th Dec 1800-2100
Sat 12th Dec 1400-2000
Sun 13th Dec 1400-1900
Thur 17th Dec 1800-2100
Fri 18th Dec 1800-2100
Sa 19th Dec 1400-2000
Sun 20th Dec 1400-1900


October 26th, 2015


Primarily a painter, Small has a strong, compelling style, often choosing discarded objects like car bonnets or old signs instead of canvas for his work. “The theme of my work is young, dispossessed people: individuals who feel undervalued, who don’t have a voice, who get looked over.” Small explains how the urban debris he paints on becomes symbolic of the feeling of being without value: “I thought it’d be interesting to connect the two – that oven door, that shelving unit, that piece of trash to someone – I don’t see it like that, I see that it can be something beautiful and worthwhile. That’s how I see our young people too. Let’s look at their potential, at the hope that’s in all of them.”
Small has hosted workshops for socially marginalised people, driven in part by a desire to give them a voice, but also wanting to make art more approachable in general. “I think the art world is un-inclusive by design, but for me, making it understandable and connected to us mere mortals is what art is about. It’s about finding your own way of communicating what goes on in your mind. That’s the most powerful thing you can do as an individual: creatively express yourself, visually or through music or dance.” And of course, there’s the thrill of the challenge: “I’d feel as if I was cheating myself if I wasn’t pushing the boundaries of my own potential. Keep discovering, keeping finding, keep playing.” He laughs. “Having fun with it all. Yes, yes!”
Jessica Furseth


October 15th, 2015


julian vinyl

julian linocut124124

The Moniker Art Fair is back again at the Old Truman Brewery, I will be showing my ‘Kaz’ sculpture there on the 34 Fine Art stand and I will have ten lino cut vinyl pieces up for grabs on the JAM editions stand.

October 16th to October !8th

The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London E1 6QL
Thursday (private view) 5pm-10pm, Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm


September 24th, 2015


On the 2nd of October, a auction with a piece of art i donated will be held at the ivy in London to raise money for the charity International alert
there is also a preview online auction going at the moment

Preview online auction: 21 Sept-1 Oct


Friday 2 October 2015 from 7pm

The Club at The Ivy, 9 West Street, London WC2H 9NE

Ben Turnbull • Clet Abraham • Dan Kitchener

David Scheinmann • David Whittaker • Ganzeer Goldie • Inkie

K-Guy • Know Hope • Matt Small • Olek • Otto Schade • Sadhu X

Shraddha Shrestha • Sten Lex • Tammam Azzam • Teurk


September 7th, 2015

I have a sculptural piece in a group show at the Stolen Space Gallery in London
‘El Hajj malik El Shabazz (Malcom X)’
Here’s the process shots










August 3rd, 2015

My painting of the London rapper and all round super sonic dude Teef is on display over in LA at the Long Beach Museum of Art for a show tilted ‘Verve and Vitality’ curated by Thinkspace Gallery
Funky fresh mega supreme……



July 13th, 2015

Kaz and Rodney are on display at James freeman Gallery…

kaz 3d



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